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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sometimes recovery feels like...

Yes, this is how an addict often feels...

Sometimes the addict feels like he is in mortal danger if he lets go of his disease.  We would be lying to say that's not true.

The Orthodox Christian knows he must die to himself and his fallen self in order to receive the new life in Christ.  Sin leads to death, and addiction likewise leads to death.  But, it is the death of the fallen self, the part that must be surrendered.

Recovery starts when we let go of the shark.  Will it bite?  Yes, it must because that's what it does.  But, the death of addicted self leads to the freedom of the recovering self.  So long as we hold onto the shark, the shark is in control.  But, once we die to the shark, then we realize we can only die once.  Once we die to the disease and surrender, then we can start enjoying freedom from the shark's path.

By dying, we live.

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