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Friday, August 31, 2012

A new drug for depression... like heroin?

Many people become addicted while trying to 'self-medicate' mental disorders like depression.  One may wonder how or why, but the truth is that some drugs do help a bit.

Now, it seems that scientists have discovered a synthetic cousin of heroin is effective for treating depression:

The scientists claim the in the study, all of the patients responded to the drug.  That's really good.

They also claim that it is non-addictive.  You may wonder why they would say something like that, and there's a simple reason: it does not give you a high.

Addiction is all about the high, be it subtle or profound.  While heroin may provide some relief from depression, the bigger effect is the intoxicating effects.  Pain medications like Oxycontin have the same problem of generating a high while blocking pain.

As doctors perfect medications, we can only hope that they will be able to develop pain medications along the same lines, blocking pain signals without creating a high.  This medication should also give hope to millions of addicts who suffer from addiction, just as Bill W. did throughout his life.

This may even end some of the silly experiments with with other intoxicating drugs in the search for relief for the terrible burden of depression.

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