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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Devolution and Depression

So, I've been talking about the brain and how evidence points towards the idea that thought affects the brain's structure and function.  Quite literally, addictions research suggests that the mind controls the brain, though there is obvious evidence that brain impairment can effect thought.

This is why I believe the brain is more of an 'antenna' than a thought-producer.  After all, damage to an antenna will effect the signal quality both sending and receiving.

We have a hard time with this idea because of materialism and how unproven theories about the brain have become 'fact' because no alternative theories are permitted under modern medical and scientific 'orthodoxy.'  At the same time, there are more troubling challenges to modern attitudes.

Let's take this study versus the 'Law of Natural Selection':

This study makes sense, in that the more we 'rescue' people through medical and social means, the more genetic defects will prosper and be passed down into the 'gene pool.'  However, the assumption here is that advances will continue to occur... even while we are getting dumber.  The scientist even suggests, "...we may be able to magically correct any mutation that has occurred in all cells of any organism at any developmental stage."  Rubbish.

Magic?  Seriously?  This is wishful thinking, unless you envision a time when you have an intelligent class or sub-species of intelligent people ruling over the 'dumb and dumber' crowd.

I agree that the human genome is going through 'devolution,' because that is what happens with fallen creation... it devolves.  Yet, we do have an overall increase in the body of knowledge that man possesses.  So, why the drop in intelligence?

My theory it that any theoretical drop in intelligence could only be proved through a visible drop in function.  Right now, we are beginning to see some signs of human intellectual deterioration.  If we look at addictions, mental illness (particularly depression and the amount of pharmacology devoted to maintaining human functionality), and the creation of permanent social stratification, we see a real problem.  Human society is not working.

But, neither are we.  We are not working our minds.  Sure, we go to school and learn lots of data.  We also receive massive amounts of information.

But we are not processing it.  It rushes over us, without time to digest.

So, the mind 'tunes out.'  This is where the real danger in the drop in intelligence lies.  We are not exercising our minds, and in turn we will begin to lose function over time.  Like muscles, thinking must be exercised or it becomes weakened.

The sign of this are the vast number of emotional problems that now stunt the development of the modern character.  We are not trained up to be people of good character.

Right now, our society values a pliable character.  Just as long as you are willing to agree to the common narrative, just about anything else is acceptable.

So, you can be a murderer... just don't be a racist.  You can advocate any kind of sexual exploit... just don't tell people not to have sex.   

Look at where popular outrage comes from in America: we spend so much time arguing about racism but store up killers with little concern.

Even now, we are not having any type of popular discussion of psychotropic medication and the vast number of people taking anti-depressants.  The statistics in the UK are astounding:

Depression is probably the #1 contributing factor to addiction: people become addicted when they feel depression and despair.  This is the real devolution of the human mind.  Despite all out luxury, we are more depressed than ever.  This could very well hasten the genetic process the other study suggests in under way.  It also says something about the wrong direction we are heading.

More on this tomorrow...

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