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Friday, May 10, 2013

A Nation of Wimps

Someone sent me this link, and I thought it sets a very interesting background picture for modern addiction, primarily among young people

It is very difficult to get addicts to mature when they are immature because of social expectations.  Even around my neighborhood, men older than me are dressing and trying to act young, down to the saggy pants and crooked hats.  Here in Los Angeles, old white men now wear Costco-issued Hawaiian shirts and board shorts as if to brag about their perpetual 'Beach Boys' lifestyle, when many are grandfathers and business owners.

Of course, they are also the first to complain when a young lady comes to church with too much of her cleavage visible.  I tell them, "You are wearing what you want, and she is wearing what she wants... what's the difference?"

Both have little in the way of manners or self-respect.  Both are also covering up insecurities and feelings of inadequacy that lead to sin and, in some cases, addiction.

This article represents a fair assessment of how this immaturity is being perpetuated in schools and colleges, largely by the Hawaiian-shirt wearing parents who, behind the 'awesomely cool' exterior, are neurotic and stressed out... and make sure to share that with their children.  So their kids end up drinking, drugging, and sexing just to relieve the tensions they have with their parents, not to mention themselves.

Some young people claw their way through this mess and end up OK, but there are plenty more that don't survive the over-pressured indulgence of their parents.  As a society, we need to wake up.

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