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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

SA Literature Resources

Some of you who asked for the number may not have been able to make the Phone-In Sexaholics Anonymous meeting last night, though quite a few did.  All reports suggest it went well and there was a significant number in the group.

If you are interested in participating, send me an email with Fr. Agapios # in the Subject line, and you will receive a response with the number and code.  Again, all participation is anonymous.  It meets Mondays at 10pm EST.

One of the readers here also was kind enough to put together a bunch of links for SA materials:

Sexaholics Anonymous 'White Book' for direct download:

Sexaholics Anonymous 'White Book' hard copy can be purchased at:

Here is a great discussion of sexuality in the Church, which may be very helpful to newer folks who are trying to decipher the sometimes conflicting messages we get from reading Orthodox sources:

And, of course, we have the classic text on recovery:

Many SA members find these books helpful as they begin to work the Steps:

Of course, there is no replacing going to as many meetings as possible, and SA does offer phone-in meetings like this one.  It is recommended that those new to recovery participate in as many meetings as possible.  This is only one of many.

If you are struggling with pornography, habitual masturbation, sexual acting out... there is help.  There is a community of people who are finding a path of hope that we call recovery.  There is no shame for the person who repents and seeks help.

Stop surrendering to the disease, and start surrendering to God.  Great things await you!

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