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Thursday, February 13, 2014


I saw a message on Facebook this morning about 'dabbing,' and realized that I had probably not written anything on it.  If you are wondering what 'dabbing' is, it is just another fancy way of ingesting THC from cannabis.  It uses a highly concentrated form of 'hashish,' and is also known as 'Butane Hash Oil.' 

If you want to know a little bit more about it, then look no further than this video from our friends at the Vice Channel.

Dabbing is for pot smokers who really want to avoid smoking marijuana as much as possible, going for the maximum high rather than any other potential æsthetic pleasure.  It is like drinking pure grain alcohol rather than a beer because you are seeking a fast high.

If you are addicted to THC (or some other substance you can't get your hands on at the moment and looking for a second) and looking for a buzz to get you through your day, then this is your obvious choice.  Of course, as the documentary will tell you, there are some real dangers.

Aside from the toxicological features of THC abuse, there is the wonderfully dangerous way that BHO is made.  Like meth labs, BHO makers tend to blow themselves up.  After all, they are working with butane, heat, and addled brains.  What could be safer?

Because it is a 'vaporization' process rather than incinerating a whole bunch of plant matter, lots of people like it because you can 'dab' at mom's house and not fill the place with clouds of acrid smoke.  One can be perfectly 'considerate' and bake your brain at the same time.

With legalization set to overtake much of the USA, you can expect to hear more about dabbing BHO along with the more primitive means of ingestion.  However, the dangerous part about dabbing is the immediately high concentration of THC one gets on the first hit.  It is like 'crack' for potheads.

It is not going away.  Even as America ages, the Baby Boom generation largely supports lax drug laws, perhaps now only because it shuts the 'kids' up about their crappy, shallow lives.  We need drugs to make dialectical materialism work.

Like this album cover suggests, marijuana is just another path to hell and death:

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  1. "We need drugs to make dialectical materialism work."

    Quote of the century right there.