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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alaskan Adventure

Starting this coming Friday, you probably won’t see daily posts from me because I will be catching planes, trains, and automobiles to get from LAX to Kodiak, Alaska.  After spending the weekend with them (I’m looking forward to my first Divine Liturgy in Alaska!), Monday will begin the lecture series I’ve already mentioned.
Eventually, I hope to be able to post all of the lectures either as podcasts or YouTube videos.  When that happens, I will post links here for those who are interested both in the theology of recovery and the practical aspects of recovery in the Church.
My sense is that addiction in Alaska has its peculiarities, but shares not only the basic human components of addiction in general, but many of the modern problems we are all facing: loneliness, pace of life issues, lack of certainty, broken relationships, etc.  Alaska’s remoteness does not make it immune to the problems of the rest of the nation, and even the world.  There is too much TV and other technologies piping in bad messages, which infect all of our hearts.
So, the work in Alaska has national and international implications: the development of some future programs in Alaska may lead to further programs that can be modified to fit in other cultures and societies.  This topic, culture, is a really big one.

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