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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Special Request: Tell Your Story

Back in 2008, I said something to the clergy I was lecturing to in Romania that stunned them: there are quite a number of non-Orthodox alcoholics that end up converting to Orthodoxy because of what they learned in 12-Step groups and the experience of recovery.  I knew it for certain, and I had met others like me who had the same experience.

On this eve of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank God for both the experience of recovery and how it led me to the Church.  I would like to be able to post the stories of other Orthodox Christians who came to the Church through _A (feel free to fill in the missing letter!), or Orthodox Christians whose faith has been deepened because of their involvement in the 12 Steps.

My email address is listed on the blog (priest dot [my name] at gmail dot com, trying to avoid those nasty spam-bots!).  Please send in your stories as you would like them to appear.  Also, any other leads for the blog would be welcome!

Thanks for your encouraging emails so far.  500 visits in the first week is a good sign.  Don't worry, there's a lot of material left to post, and still a lot of work to do.  If you would like to get involved in addictions recovery education, let me know.

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