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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Virtues - Part 6

Just for reference, there are the charts:

Passing to the other side of the chart, the Passion of Envy dominates those who hate others for having what they themselves cannot have.  Envy sees nothing but its own lack and projects the notion that others have undeserved plenty.  So, Envy hates and destroys.

Envy is the vandal and the cruel overseer who delights in being stern to those who are 'carefree.'  Envy always demands more of others not to really get anything from them, but to break them.  Envy does not seek progress, but rather hopes for the despair and surrender of others.  Yet, even then, it is not satisfied.

In the world of Envy, there is always plenty... just outside of reach.

On the other hand, the person of Faith sees the world through God's providence.  All things that are necessary come from God, and so even lean times have a reason, and that reason is the later return of bounty.  In his Humility, the humble man recognizes that God cares for him in every way, and that he lacks for nothing.

Therefore, he has Gratitude.  Gratitude cannot hate others for what they have, because Gratitude sees itself as complete, and so what other people have or don't have is between them and God.  Gratitude does not see the blessings of the world as a limited supply which must be fought over, but rather that God has a rich abundance for all people.  So, what one person has does not mean that I have less.

Gratitude is the companion of Moderation, since one who thinks he has enough from God will not take more than he needs and abuse the goodness of things.  Gratitude also prevents Sloth, or akedia, by providing us with the contentment and joy in our circumstances that inspire us to be responsible and caring.

Gratitude is one of the most obvious benchmarks of spiritual development.  Someone who is constantly complaining about people, places, and things has no Gratitude, and so they are far from Faith in God.  Addicts especially struggle to become grateful, knowing that gratitude brings peace and cures the age-old problem of worrying.

Someone who is grateful to God does not worry about the future, because he sees the care he receives in the present.  Each day is evidence of God's generosity.

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