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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

'Kids Without God'... You Are Alone

Never mind that statistics show that children in religious households tend to do better overall in terms of behavior and happiness:

When the kids share the beliefs, studies show they have benefits as well:

But, there is always someone out there who can't be happy with that, so now you have the 'Kids Without God' project:

Let's just call it what it is: atheists trying to recruit, just as much as "children's ministries" in Christian circle try to draw kids into religion.  To a great degree, I don't care much about atheists doing their own 'evangelism.'

The real reason I am drawing attention to this is their motto: "You are not alone."

But, that is precisely what an atheist is... alone.  Their insults about 'imaginary friends' aside, the whole message of atheism is that life ends at death, there is no spiritual reality, and there is no God.  You are alone.

Humans are left to themselves to find meaning and purpose.  What you give to others lasts only in the minutes of this life, and beyond them there is nothing.  Death is the bitter end, full stop.

Telling kids they are 'not alone' in their doubts is one thing, but the real message of atheism is utter loneliness, and there are lots of atheists who like it that way.  They sense it as liberating.  They can do as they please.

But, for children, this loneliness is destructive... it isn't even what they want, which is that the motto 'You Are Not Alone' is made to address... in a bait-and-switch kind of way.  I can think of no religious equivalent: "Believe in God, and He will leave you alone."  perhaps the weird hellfire-and-brimstone approach comes close, but the cure that is preached is one's attention to God... hardly being left alone.

Religion itself is not isolating the way atheism is.  Atheism requires one reconstruct all the various 'safeguards' to human sanity that religion naturally provides.  One must find fellowship, distinct boundaries, accountability, meaning, and ultimately hope in order to live as an atheist... all without the help of religion and its spiritual benefits.

The atheist struggles with his desire to be 'alone' with his innate need for companionship and ultimately salvation from his problems.  Without God he is stuck with his material resources.  The believer is not.

Let's also not forget that this same atheist child, due to his insecurities, will likely experiment with alcohol and drugs.

Then, where will he be?  What can his new atheist friends do for him then?

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