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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Election

No, I'm not going to endorse a candidate or a party.

I do want to comment on our attitudes regarding politics.

Recovery is about inner peace through God.  Pretty simple.

If you live according to this, then you know that anything that disturbs this peace is not of God and must be removed.  Working the steps is all about removing the guilt and shame that robs us of peace.

It is also about forgiving others.  It is about not having to take revenge, but rather letting go of resentment and anger.

Do not excuse your hatred because of politics.  You are called to live in peace with every man, even the one who hates you.  Simply put, there is no excuse for hatred.

Do not follow an ideology that requires you to hate someone else or do something to someone else.  This also robs you of inner peace, because if you are constantly concerned about 'punishing' other people or judging them, rather than helping them, you will never experience inner peace because you will be drawn into conflict with them.

Seek the way of freedom for others, and you will be freed yourself.  When we try to dominate others, we become prisoner to our expectations of dominance.  You should only desire domination if you don't mind being dominated.  If you seek power, don't be surprised if someone else seeks the same thing... over you.

Do not throw away eternal joy for momentary pleasures.  Governments rise and fall, yet humanity lives on.  You cannot solve all the world's problems, so don't expect to.  Take it all one day at a time.

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