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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Here's an interesting article which would seem to advocate, based on the information presented, that Prohibition would be the best way to cure alcoholism and the associated problems:

The truth is that alcoholism does appear to decrease when alcohol is harder to get.  That should be obvious.  

But, the lesson of American Prohibition was that eliminated the alcohol did not solve any real societal diseases, but just changed the symptoms.  Prohibition became an open joke and people made their own booze and partied it up.  

Addiction is more than the substance.  Addiction is the profound wounding of the soul that drives men to self-destructive behavior, which can manifest in alcohol, but also lots of other substances and behaviors.

We ought to be cautious about falling for the easy way of regulating the symptom but not treating the disease.

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  1. Same with marijuana. People are going to smoke weed. Prohibition seems to do nothing but creative a lucrative black market, and a huge drain on taxpayer dollars. I've yet to hear a reasonable reason to oppose decriminalization.