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Thursday, March 7, 2013

К˜рокодил (Krokodil), the Drug from Hell

We here in the US are used to the 'bath salts' phenomenon and the 'new drugs' that are wreaking havoc in our communities.  What we may not realize is that 'bath salts' are not the only new drug on the market.

The Russians are struggling with a new drug, К˜рокодил (Krokodil).  It is, quite literally, the Drug from Hell.  The abusers of Krokodil learn to make it from common household products, almost like how meth users a few years ago were making their own from over-the-counter cough medicines until the pharmaceutical industry caught on and started putting down controls.

It is called 'crocodile' because the drug causes the skin of the abuser to dry up like a crocodile skin, as necrosis sets in and their bodies literally rot away.  Here is a short documentary video:

WARNING: graphic language and content!

This video is heart-breaking, and I say this as someone who does not get very emotional.  

What I thought was interesting was to see the presenter's reaction, a young Englishwoman, as she saw how the various religious groups in Russia were dealing with the problem.  Note she was wearing a gold pentagram necklace and may be a Wiccan, but her objections to the Orthodox didn't hold a candle to her outright disdain for the 'Teen Challenge' group.

I don't blame the Protestants for trying to help these suffering people.  I would like to learn more about what the Russian Orthodox Church is doing for addicts, but I think there is a larger problem afoot.  The world itself is groaning as humanity is being pushed into a gradual extinction via nihilism.  Yes, I do think the devil wants the Russians out of the way.  I just wish the Russians would figure out how to stop cooperating with Satan's plans for their demise.

Say an extra prayer for these poor folks.  They are our brothers and sisters.

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