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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Origins of Modern Addiction and the Destruction of Man

After watching the video about 'Krokadil' and hearing the one treatment expert saying how he thought that Islamists were trying to destroy Russia with heroin, I decided to put down my own thoughts regarding what is going on with humanity and addiction.  Here's a new page I have created:

I started it only about 24 hours ago, so it may be a bit rough in a few places.  But, I hope you will be able to see what my points are.  Yes, I do think there is an effort to destroy Russia, but I think it is part of the same conspiracy to destroy all humanity.  Even our well-meaning leaders are part of perpetuating it, because we have been immersed in a statist system that destroys families and requires the lubrication of addiction and entertainment to keep it from seizing up like an engine without oil.

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  1. Fascinating thesis! I think you would find you and Fr Hopko see eye to eye on much: Blessings on you!