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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sugar Addiction

Yes, it sure feels like it:

Though, I think nicotine is probably the hardest to break.  

The problem with sugar is that it is so easily available, and is the most disarming because it gives the most pleasure without immediate side-effects.  I used to laugh when I heard the term 'sugar addict,' but I think I get it now.

However, warning labels are not going to help.

Just like alcohol consumption, I think we all need to more closely examine what we eat and live more mindful lives.  That means cutting back not only on what we eat, but the lifestyles that we lead that take away our time to prepare or even pay attention to what we are eating.  

I'm as guilty of this as anyone else.  And, my waistband reveals the evidence... 

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  1. The fructose in table sugar or HFCS is metabolized by the liver like a toxin. If you don't mind a bit of biochemistry jargon, definitely watch this. The zingers begin at around 45 min. into the talk, where he compares how the body processes glucose compared to ethanol and fructose.