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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two Directions: Decadence and Reform

America and Russia are going in two entirely different directions in terms of social progress.  I'm afraid the US really is going in the wrong one.

For years, we have seen much social turmoil over the 3% of Americans who 'identify' as, let's say, rejecting traditional sexual behavior and gender identity.  'Gay pride' parades, the enforcement of political correctness, etc. has all had its effect.  Yes, the politicization of 'gay rights' has led to the situation we now have where the military is now 'opening up' to gays and complicating every layer of military discipline.  Think about it: you now have people who are 'sexually attracted' to one another bunking up in the same room.  If we are going to permit this, can men and women bunk and shower together as well?  It does not make sense.  Nothing has been thought through, because thinking through many of our social decisions may lead us to conclusions that don't match our emotions and short-term desires.

Yes, is seems the 'War on Drugs' has changed to a war against banning drugs.  Now, it appears a majority of Americans want yet another way for people to get high.  Years of glamorizing pot and popular music has worn down moral barriers.

Is it a moral issue? Yes!  Why is it so important to get stoned or engage in public sexuality?  While I am not in favor of any kind of overtly sexual public displays, the gay pride parades are simply horrid, whether or not it is just male-male or female-female.  I don't think a majority of anyone would want to watch two people 'get it on' no matter if it is heterosexual or homosexual.

Well, that's not entirely right, since 70% of American males view internet porn monthly.

What's going on?  We are in a state of confusion.  It is moral decay.  We are not clear about what we want as a society, largely because we are no longer a singular society, but we have been divided into competing groups, be they 'demographic groups' or races or political parties, trying to wring what we want out of the world at the expense of the appointed enemy.

We are not concerned about the health of our whole nation and all its people, because we are more concerned about our own selfish goals.  Someone else will pay the taxes to clean up the mess.  Someone else will have the children and raise them with morality so that they don't cave my head in with a crowbar just for fun.  It is always someone else.  Someone else must also be the enemy.  And, this also means we have no moral obligation to the bad guys, right?

So, what are we accomplishing?  Are we making our nation a better place?  Oh, yes, the world is much better with freer sex and more drugs, right?  That's why we have such low rates of anti-depressant usage and professional counseling is almost a thing of the past (/sarcasm)!

People are more and more unhappy, yet they have so much more freedom to do whatever their impulses tell them to do.

Now, let's switch to Russia

So, what is Russia doing?  They are trying to avoid this:

The Russians get the connection between moral breakdown and self-destruction.  San Francisco's streets grind up people each day.  Same thing in many of our inner cities.  Our moral deterioration is costing us thousands of lives each year.  They are also sterilizing us, preventing people from forming families and having children.

The solution America has opted for is just importing more people from somewhere else.  In Russia's case, that could mean the end of their people.  America can assimilate anyone and largely remain the same because we are not a single race or a single culture.  But, what about Russia, or any of the European countries for that matter?  What happens if Russia loses all its Russians, or Sweden loses all its Swedes?  Then it is just a geographic adjective, and all else about it is gone.

The Russians are choosing to not commit suicide, even though the pressure is there to do just that.  They are fighting a battle brought on by Marxism and its militant materialism.  It is this materialism, from Moscow to San Francisco, that is destroying people.

American political discourse is largely about economics, as if money is all that really matters.  Sure, we argue a bit about the 'n-word' or political correctness, but most of our ire is about 'class warfare' and money.  This is why we are failing as a society and people are miserable.  Addiction rates are rising, as are depression.

As a nation, the US must take on this dialectical materialism and fight it if we expect to survive.  We also need to stop giving in to baser impulses and start saying 'no' to our fallen nature.  It is time for real moral reform.  We would do well to take a hint from the Russians and push back against the tide of decadence that is destroying our families and our communion with God.

The way out of addiction is through God.  The way out of all human suffering is the same path.


  1. Father George, your essay reminds me of this recent and rather deplorable editorial by former lawyer Betsy Karasik: As an attorney as well as an Orthodox Christian I wonder about the efficacy of laws to address such matters in the United States, when the culture has taken so severe a shift as to present articles such as that one and indeed ordinary facts such as several of those in that article. I offer no idea of how to address the matter. I did think, though, you might find that article interesting.

    1. There is a great deal of confusion right now. What I don't think is necessary for it is more legislation. What we really need to do is start talking about these problems. The Russians can legislate largely because they have a great deal of consensus on these matters, much more than we have here. Forcing people to be moral isn't the way, but that does not mean that we ought to abandon the idea. Morality used to be taught at home, and then demonstrated in the streets. We ourselves must stop excusing our own immorality and start living healthy spiritual lives. we also need to be clear: when we tell the world that people cannot control their sexual urges, what are we telling a pedophile?