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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

Today is the Thanksgiving holiday in the US.  Many of us who are struggling with addiction have problems during holidays.  Lots of emotions come up, and we can often feel isolated or even victimized.

If you are struggling with these feelings, it is hard to give thanks to God for what you have.

To help you out, I offer you a look into the lives of some addicts in Bogota, Columbia.


After seeing this, it should be a lot easier to give thanks for the problems we face, knowing that none of us here is living in a sewer while trying to maintain a cocaine habit and dodging death squads.  

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  1. Not long ago, I realized that I tend to focus and complain quite a bit about the bad things in my life. Yet, my conscience confronted me and reminded me about the good that God does (which is infinite and eternal), that He does everything for my good. Clearly, focusing on bad stuff is a delusion, an illness. Of course, not to mention that my sufferings are nothing compared to those of others. In fact, I often complain about things that should be considered my fault, or my responsibility at least, while others are truly victims; this is actually funny :).