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Monday, December 30, 2013

Alcoholism Recovery Missionary Coming to US

Long-time readers of this blog know about the work of Floyd Frantz, the OCMC missionary in Romania, who has helped the Romanian Orthodox Church establish ministries for alcoholism treatment throughout the country.  Floyd has not only helped hundreds of alcoholics in Cluj, but has trained thousands of priests.

I just got this message from him, and it looks like he will be coming to the US for some fund- and awareness-raising.  here's what he wrote:

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!!

Hello Fr. George,
Greetings, and I hope that this finds you well and in good spirits these days.

Just a short note for now, I am trying to schedule a fund raising trip for March. If you have any ideas please do pass them along, I need all the help I can get with this. I hope to pass through your area [Los Angeles] around March 9th. (There may be some flexibility with this date.) I'll also be visiting with some other folks from L.A., but I still do not have a definite date for anything.

So, if your parish is interested in having Floyd come to speak, or you'd like to start supporting his ministry, please contact him at stdimitrie(this is where the 'at' goes)

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