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Monday, December 16, 2013

Phone-in SA Meeting for Orthodox Christians

An Orthodox priest has agreed to facilitate a phone-in SA (Sexaholics Anonymous) meeting for Orthodox Christians who are struggling with pornography.  This will be completely anonymous: callers will have the ability to use pseudonyms and there will be none of the face-to-face interface of regular meetings.  No one will know each other.  While this priest, we'll call him 'Fr. Agapios,' is not a porn addict, he does identify as an addict and has long-term recovery in his addiction.

The meeting itself is schedule to begin in January.  It will meet weekly, and the scheduled time is 10:00 pm Eastern (US) Standard Time.  The format for the meeting will come from the 'White Book' of SA.

If you are interested in getting this number for yourself or a friend (please, it is requested that this meeting is for Orthodox Christians, thank you), please email me at the address on the right sidebar under 'Kontakt.'  In the email subject, write "Fr. Agapios #" so that, when the number comes available, we can send you the number.  You don't have to explain why you need the number.  Ask, and you will receive... no questions asked.

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