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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Price of Education...

So after reading this article, one question comes to mind: why would a college care about the sex lives (successful or otherwise) of it's students?

Well, I have a hunch that it may have something to do with what we call a 'guilty conscience.'  After all, it was the college crowd of the previous centuries (19th and 20th to be specific) who worked overtime to break down traditional morality and undermine spirituality.

It will become harder and harder to preach the message of 'free' sexuality when the students realize at such an early stage in their indoctrination that the addictions they are being encouraged in are actually killing them.  Yes, pornography kills.  It murders one's sexuality, and it destroys the soul.  Ask those lust addicts in recovery, and they will tell you.

College professors and academics now know the full power of pornography.  Are they coming out against it?  Are they decrying its power and utter lack of social and aesthetical value?  Nope.  They are silent at best, and defending it at worst.
Watch what happens: they will 'treat' the dysfunctionality, but to what end?  To help the students reserve their sexual activity for marriage, perhaps even to marry while in school and begin forming families?

To what end is this treatment?  So they can masturbate some more?  So they can have more of the same casual sex that the pornography they watch so profoundly advocates?  It seems to me that the treatment they will likely receive might be useful for everyone, but watch what happens.  Abstinence will be the alternative for 'sick people.'

We are seeing more and more of this: addiction and dysfunction are being treated as 'hiccups' in what is otherwise a 'good' society.  Abuse is good, so long as you can 'handle it.'  Abstinence is the shame of the weak.  What they are shooting for is a 'moderate abuse.' 

But, I would say, that these are symptoms that society is dying.

We are not having children, and have to import them (read immigrants) from parts of the world where reproduction is still valued (i.e. places where the internet has not yet reached).  Already, even Latin America's population is starting to slow down and even drop.  By the time Sub-Saharan Africa is 'wired,' there may no longer be a Europe

I've come to the conclusion that our addiction problem is more than just a matter of a statistically constant effect linked to DNA and the normal odd of having a bad reaction to a lousy life.  It is about a greater breakdown, a more far-reaching phenomenon where people are being pushed at greater and greater numbers to medicate their suffering because the system is destroying them.

While we make greater gains in understanding the problem each day, the number of people medicating themselves with substances and behaviors continues to grow.  The symptom is no longer the drunk in the road, but the broken families and dependence on materialism that we need to keep our sanity.

We are surrounded by stuff at levels our ancestors never dreamed of... and we still need pills to sleep and other pills to keep us from slitting our wrists.

The ship is sinking, and we are upholstering the deck chairs.

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