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Friday, March 13, 2015

"Secular Parenting" and Parasitic Atheism

Of course, the Los Angeles Times is giddy about the 'Good News' of secular parenting.
We have seen studies that have also shown us that gay parents are actually better than heterosexual ones.  Yes, it seems that liberation from 'traditional morality' and the confines of religion are absolutely wondrous!
Well, that's until you look at the details, and by that I mean the ones all around you.  The ones you are not supposed to talk about.
You know, like the record levels of divorce.  Must be fun times, eh?  How about use of psychiatric medications and treatment?  Addiction, a favorite of this blog, seems to be blooming... can we blame religion for that?
Interestingly enough, the featured expert does mention that later in life those raised without religion do tend to go looking for it or something like it. 
There are other studies that indicate the opposite: religious families tend to have lower levels of social problems than children raised without a serious religious practice at home.  While kids in the typical parish do have problems, as a former substitute teacher, I can say I'd prefer to be in a Sunday School classroom than a secular one any day of the week.
It is stupid to suggest otherwise.
What they are looking for is how the kids answer the questions posed to them, hence the 'attitudes' they are measuring.  They are not really examining the things kids won't say in an interview, nor are they looking at the plain evidence around us.
Secularism demands obedience just as much as religion does.  Certainly, Orthodox Christianity does have a whole list of 'freedoms' one gives up to follow Christ.  There is a difference in emphases, and on the whole a secular interviewer will find far more positive answers from a secular-minded child than a religious one who has not been raised with the vocabulary of the Secular Elite.
But, even then, we ought also consider some of the underpinnings of the secularism preached in this article.  Tolerance?  Since when is that a 'secular' attitude? 
From the article-
For secular people, morality is predicated on one simple principle: empathetic reciprocity, widely known as the Golden Rule. Treating other people as you would like to be treated. It is an ancient, universal ethical imperative. And it requires no supernatural beliefs. As one atheist mom who wanted to be identified only as Debbie told me: “The way we teach them what is right and what is wrong is by trying to instill a sense of empathy ... how other people feel. You know, just trying to give them that sense of what it's like to be on the other end of their actions. And I don't see any need for God in that. ...

“If your morality is all tied in with God,” she continued, “what if you at some point start to question the existence of God? Does that mean your moral sense suddenly crumbles? The way we are teaching our children … no matter what they choose to believe later in life, even if they become religious or whatever, they are still going to have that system.”
So, the question then comes down to this: what do you do if the child/adult decides to question the premise of empathy?  What if they decide not to care about others' feelings?

Is that uncommon?

There's the logical weakness, for which the seculars have no answer except the brute force of handcuffs and prison bars, which is also a contributing factor in why we have so many people in prison.  Secularism in schools has weakened the religious side of culture, and brought forth a generation of weakened religious people.  Prisons are filled with failed religious practices and failed religious people. 
You can mock them, much as secular elites do.  Or, you can think about how much better they would be if they actually followed the religion that they appeal to after they get caught in the grips of life.
Whereas Christianity tells man that, whether he 'gets caught' or not in this life, he will still have to answer for his crimes, the secularist must be caught now.  Kids, and adults, figure that one out pretty quick.  That's why atheism as a political force quickly devolved into a regime of murder.

The Golden Rule itself was not invented by atheists or secularists.  It comes from Christianity, though the Christian is the one that stands out: whereas the 'Golden Rule' is usually about reciprocity, Christianity actually calls us to lay down our own lives for the sake of others.

You don't find that in secularism the same way.  Yes, secularism demands 'sacrifice,' but it does not demand love for one's enemies.  To test this, just ask a secularist to love a 'racist' or a 'religious homophobe.'  After you scrape the secularist off of the ceiling, you will get the picture.

The truth is that secularism is 'parasitic,' in that it still requires people to be informed by Christianity in order for it to work.  You are free to choose to ignore the Divine commandment so long as not too many people around you do the same thing.  Once the scale tips towards every person deciding how others feel and how he will or will not meet those feelings, the more the system breaks down. 

Religion waits for no man, and so we have a safeguard against the self-contemplation that leads to narcissism and myriad of problems we have right now... especially loneliness.

Another meaningful related fact: Democratic countries with the lowest levels of religious faith and participation today — such as Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Belgium and New Zealand — have among the lowest violent crime rates in the world and enjoy remarkably high levels of societal well-being.

Yes, all success stories... up until you read the news.  Birthrates among these wonderful secular nations are plummeting.  People are lonely and depressed.  Suicide is high, and that evil 'racism' that secular people here in the US are concerned about is woven into the very fabric of their cultures (follow the ethnic riots and tensions in Europe).

The only way this article makes any sense is if you just obey the secular Party Line.  Obey, don't question.  Religion is bad, period.  We are better for not believing.  Question them, not us, because we are smarter and better.

Of course, in the end, when your 'kid' is high all the time and living in the streets, you'll demand he go to treatment... and he'll start hearing about God.  They you will probably just revert to the second line of defense of Western secularism, called the ABCs... Anything But Christianity.

You still need Him.  We all need Him.  His love is the very fabric of the Universe that holds it all together.

Meanwhile, the way is wide to secularism.  March through its gates, and enjoy the fruits of our modern paradise.



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