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Monday, March 9, 2015

Sober Living House

So, if you are curious, that's what I've been really thinking about during my post hiatus.  It isn't enough just to post blog entries.  I'd like to do something more.
So, I'm listening to people who are 'in' the treatment world, and most will tell you the bigger challenge is getting the newly-sober through the first year without a relapse.  It means teaching new life skills and getting through mankind's oldest enemy (even older than the devil)... time.
We need time to learn and to grow.  The problem is that time moves at its own pace, both too fast and too slow at the same time.
Once you have spent the big bucks and gotten your 28-day 'treatment,' where will you go?  Most people go back to the people and places that were part of their addiction.
Sober living houses are not treatment, but a place to start living a sober life.  Wouldn't it be great to have a sober living house that is Orthodox based?  There would be access to Orthodox chaplains, prayer service, education... a place where one can get a spiritual and religious boost in addition to having a supportive, drug/alcohol-free environment?
Of course, this means not only finding a sponsoring agency (I'm talking to one, so we'll see), but also finding donors and volunteers.  Once it gets off the ground, it isn't expensive... but buying a house in the Los Angeles area is.  Yet, I think it can be done.
There are enough resources in the area that residents can get the support and guidance they need, plus there are opportunities to find work.  Once we get one going here, I'm sure there will be others.
What do you think?


  1. Nice post. Thank you for giving information on sober living.

  2. Father, this is such great news! I corresponded with you almost a year ago about my desire to work in an Orthodox treatment setting and this is a much needed service for not only lay people but non-Orthodox to realize that sobriety can be achieved through Christ.

    Perhaps an "internet" fund raiser like GoFundMe or something like that could help this goal. I live and work in a treatment facility in Northern California but would be willing to do whatever I can to help this mission.

    Glory to God

  3. I'm in a sober living house, the closest thing I have is a roman catholic who prays evening prayer with me on occasion. Having a spiritual father in house would be great, even though my parish is only a mile off.