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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Alcohol: 4% of world deaths

Sure, this is largely statistical, but it is a fairly accurate reflection of the world's problem with alcohol and its abuse:

Though addictions in the West and developed nations have spread into drugs and behavioral addictions, most of the developing world is battling the temptations of alcoholism.  After all, alcohol is super-easy to make and has an immediate effect.

This is why it is also extremely hard to ban.  Banning alcohol does nothing but create illicit empires.  In places like Sweden, the government control alcohol abuse by inflating the prices.  This slows it down somewhat, but it also creates a lot of binge-drinkers who go to places like Denmark to get sloshed.

Addiction can be maintained even in a 'dry' state.  Once it takes hold, it is the master.  It does not need alcohol to be in charge, and in some ways it is more in charge when you can't fulfill your obsession.  

The only real solution is spirituality, or at least access to it.  Modern militant secularism is the real culprit: it has not only assaulted the idea of religion, but seeks to ban all forms of spiritual expression from society.  Alcoholism and other addictions take hold in places where Christianity in particular has been severely constrained, such as the former Iron Curtain states and now in the materialistic 'Developed World' where 'going to church' is seen as a quaint custom of a previous generation or the refuge of the backwards.

Meanwhile, addiction ravages the world.  

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