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Monday, October 28, 2013

How hard it is to discuss happiness...

There are several reasons that I am posting this article about a TV producer, Gavin McInnes, who is in 'trouble' for his criticism of feminism.

For one, Vice Media has produced a number of videos that have helped draw attention to the underworld of addiction throughout the globe.  To be honest, there are a whole lot of things I have learned from those documentaries, and so I thought it would be appropriate to hear from Vice's chief on at least a little bit of his view of life.

Interestingly enough, Mr. McInnes identifies as an atheist-turned-Roman-Catholic.  In a world that is used to the opposite paradigm, that alone is worth a second glance.

But, more especially, I think he has some important observations about happiness, or rather the lack of it among those who demand a single, unalterable path to self-fulfillment and meaning, particularly for women.

Warning: strong language (i.e. bad words)...

My theory is that the overall breakdown of modern culture is largely responsible for the modern phenomenon of addiction, and feminism, as Mr. McInnes points out, has featured rather largely in modern life.  My opinion is that feminism has fought against the social structures that has, for countless centuries, provided both men and women with security and affirmation that modern culture lacks.  Having been torn from our natural moorings, men and women are adrift.  While a few non-conforming-type people may find this liberating and thrilling, a vast majority of normal folk do not.

People want stability and security.  This is why we build houses with doors and windows and locks.  We don't sleep with the door open just to see who we will wake up with.

Feminism has not only destroyed the social security that women and men once enjoyed with universally-recognized social expectations and standards, but it forces many people into patterns that preclude them doing what they really want to do.  Mr. McInnes points out how silly feminism really is as it preaches freedom while bullying women who make their own choices.

Don't think for a minute that feminism's assaults on sexuality have not been detrimental to everyone.  The porn industry (the equivalent of the brewery for the alcoholic) has benefited greatly from feminism's overturning of society's sexual guide-rails.  Now, thanks to the idea that women don't need to refrain from bestial rutting, they can freely give their bodies over to all kinds of objectification and misuse.

By destroying true femininity and replacing it with a weird hodge-podge of masculinity and just plain hedonism, feminism helped idealize the destruction of the family.  This has led to the insecurities of an entire generation of children raised with adults only moderately committed to their well-being.  Now, your insecurities are on steroids.

If we are going to talk about recovery and addiction prevention, we need to be able to discuss everything.  Christians are used to being challenged, and even insulted for their beliefs.  Feminists have to put down the petty insults and histrionics, and instead engage in a reasonable dialog.

People are suffering, and all the anti-depressants in the world are not going to change that.  It is time for a new approach, lest we lose the good things that have come about in the modern era.

We need to put real human happiness ahead of ideologies and political strategies. 

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