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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Good Documentary Depicting End-Stage Alcoholism

This is a National Geographic documentary that, in my opinion, is the best presentation I have seen so far on the effects of end-stage alcoholism:

Frankly, I think Middle School students would do well to watch this video and think about what it represents.  There is not only a good depiction of the physical effects of alcoholism, but also a rather understated representation of the fears that drive addiction.  Not much moralizing, but a moral lesson nonetheless.

It says nothing about recovery, but it does show how important recovery is, and how lost the alcoholic is when he reaches the chronic stage of the disease.

There is also a fairly accurate picture of how codependency works.  This is a topic that I am really stewing on because I have been asked by a number of readers to say something about it and I am (big surprise) having a hard time gelling a concept that is easily communicable.

I will say this much: codependency is a form of Lust.  Not that it is sexual, but rather people are using each other for their own gratification.  The grandfather is thinking more about his own guilty feelings than he is about his grandson's slow death.  A slow motion tragedy if there ever was one.

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