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Friday, March 7, 2014

Internet Pornography Addiction Lecture

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, you are invited to a one-day presentation I've entitled 'The Spiritual Treatment of Pornography Addiction.'  It is free of charge, and lunch will also be free to those who RSVP.
Email me if you want directions.  Here is the basic schedule:
9:00am – Soul Saturday Liturgy & Memorial for the Reposed
10:30am - Introduction to the Physiology of Porn Addiction
11:30am - Questions
& Answers
Noon - Lenten Lunch (provided for RSVPers)
1:30pm - The Passions and Addiction
2:30pm - Questions & Answers
2:45pm - Break
3:00pm - 12 Step Recovery & the Church
4:15pm - Questions & Answers
4:30pm - Conclusion
4:45pm - Break
5:00pm - Great Vespers
This will not be recorded, so don't ask.  I'm really not sure this is 'polished' enough for general consumption, since I have not given this talk before and will be rolling out some theories about addiction that will be controversial.
I will also be delving into some -ologies and -osophies that I really don't have the 'certification' to talk about, and so I am largely going off of books I've read from other experts and some observations of 'addicts.'  To be honest, I am growing increasingly uncomfortable with the label 'addiction,' because I think it is simply too general and obscures some important differences within addicts.
While I do think that anyone who wants to can work the Steps and find them useful, I also think that they are being over-prescribed to people who have different problems that often mimic addictive behaviors.  This is what we are seeing with internet pornography and the shadowy OCD that lurks among so many 'addicts.'
Anyway, I hope in another year or so to have a better handle on the ideas that are bouncing around my crowded mind.  I've realized this has been a big part of the depression I've been battling the past year.  Now that I've found some resources that are asking some of the same questions I am, things feel much more hopeful.

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