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Friday, March 28, 2014

The News Just Keeps Getting Worse

One of the most tragic stories I have read in a while:
Yes, it appears to not be one of those headlines that oversells the reality-
Some 200,000 aged under 16 -- one in 16 who went online -- also accessed an adult website in the same month, while one in five teenage boys under 18 were clicking on porn, the online video regulator said.
One adult site, Pornhub, which allows users unrestricted access to thousands of hardcore porn videos free of charge attracted 112,000 of the teenagers.
And, that's in an island (Great Britain) of 60 million people.  You can imagine the numbers for the US for over 300 million.  These early exposures are what leads to 'hijacking.'  I would be surprised if all but a small percentage of the older children are purposefully accessing porn.  There are a lot of hidden links these days.
I have stopped posting comments here with hot links because so many of them end up being (or becoming at a later point), porn links.  In fact, I don't even check them, because I am tired of getting 'surprised.'  My software blocks some, but not all.  I don't need any of it.
These children are being harmed.  Some will get hooked, but a vast majority will not.  However, this does not mean they are not influenced by it.
How many kids who 'occasionally' peaked into porn will continue to compare their own sexual experiences to the videos they saw in childhood?  How many women will wonder about their bodies or their 'performance,' because of watching some of this junk?  How many men will also wonder about themselves and their wives?
Couples used to have the freedom to explore and enjoy their sex without the worries and concerns that porn adds to the mind.  Just like Adam and Eve, you can't un-ring the bell of knowledge.  Once it is gained, it is retained.  Experiences follow us for the rest of our lives.
With modern medicine and technology, we sometimes think we can fix anything.  Sometimes we can't.  The best we can hope for is a way to cope.
These images are not something anyone should want to, or have to, cope with.

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  1. I believe "hijacked" is a great word. I think I've used in the past, too, in a similar context. I think young people can be hijacked in so many ways growing up (including through entourage and of course through education). I myself am an example of one who has been hijacked in many ways, including the pornographic way and this was back in the mid-nineties or earlier. I am not ashamed to talk about it because for one I am not ashamed about sexuality and secondly (at least the way I grew up) these things were unfortunately very "normal"; yet nowadays they seem to have literally normalized. And this is something I regret tremendously for myself and all others affected; that we didn't have the opportunity to grow up normally and develop sexuality naturally through a good healthy marriage (this seems nearly impossible nowadays).

    As well, I agree that once you are hijacked, that's it. Depending on the level of it, it may take a long time to even realize that something is wrong, let alone heal completely. Another element is that sexuality (or the eros, to use the spiritual term) is a permanent part of who we are so then the bad stuff will always find ways to haunt you as you try to mature spiritually. It's not as if you can remove the idea of sexuality completely; in fact, I believe that's totally wrong and dangerous, and to be honest I am not sure what is worse: to have a perverted idea of sexuality or to have zero idea of sexuality.