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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Addiction: the New Child

Since the early part of the 20th century, the USA and Russia have been locked in various 'positions' we generally call the 'Cold War.'

Now, the ideological struggle between State Communism and Free Market Capitalism has collapsed.  Communism died in Russia, but freedom died in the USA.  While Russians are struggling to define themselves as a free nation, Americans are struggling with what liberties they wish to dispose of for the 'common good'... usually defined by narrow self-interests without concern for historical examples or inconvenient 'cause-and-effect' rules in reality.

In the 1970s, the Cold War took a dark turn.  Cocaine consumption and production began to rise.  As for the USSR, the KGB was working in the region, and saw two opportunities: get Latin American into the Communist fold through entities like FARC (which supported itself through drug money), while at the same time keeping drugs out of Russia.  The honest truth was that Latin America was hardly a drug threat to the USSR: distance and the weak ruble were in the USSR's favor.

Drugs became part of the Cold War.

As cocaine became a major problem with the 'Crack Epidemic' in the 1980s, the US helped return the favor: the USSR invaded Afghanistan, and so the Pakistani ISI and the US CIA came up with the Taliban, which used the incentive of radical Islam to motivate Afghans to 'jihad' against the invaders.  Their 'cash crop'... opium refined into heroin.

If you can get past some of the obviously conflicted story line (the narrator at once says that the Taliban reduced opium production during its reign, while then admitting that they have always supported themselves through taxing and distributing heroin), you see how the US's strategy in Afghanistan was to use the drug trade against the Soviets.

However, the problems have exploded.  Russia is now bearing the brunt of the US's policy decision to abandon morality for the sake of victory, and this has spread into 'idyllic' lands like Norway. 

The US also has a huge problem: the drug empire in Mexico which it largely created... the Zetas Cartel.  Made up of US-trained Mexican soldiers, it has taken over the Southern border and flooding the US with marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine.  

The US solution is absolutely idiotic: the Federal government has decided to get into bed with a rival cartel and assist them in the drug trade.  Yes, this is the real story about every political party in the US fighting to keep the US southern border 'porous.'  It isn't about illegal aliens, it is about the drugs.  The immigrant issue is a distraction from the real problem.  We have a border that is a war zone that is as active as anything in Iraq right now.

Why is this important?  Because we cannot depend on the same people who caused the problem to fix it.  Their best thinking got us into this mess.  It isn't about parties or political agendas.  It is about what happens to men when they become fixated on accomplishing their goals and forget morality and decency.

In the US, we are far too willing to excuse immorality of our leaders if we think they are going to be Santa Claus and give us what we want.  We trust those who promise the most, no matter if the promises are from the Right or the Left.  If you have not noticed, the US has elected its most Left-wing president since Jimmy Carter, and yet there are plenty of things have not changed: neither Bush president did anything about the southern border either.

The drug war rages on, because the drug war is just a distraction from the real problem.

Addictions are on the rise.  The West is becoming sterilized through falling birthrates, caused by materialism and the destruction of the family.  This is creeping into the East as well: China is forcing its One-Child Policy on its people, but the Japanese have much the same without a hint of totalitarianism.

As nations 'develop,' they are getting on board with reducing the fertility rate: here is an interesting article on the 'soap opera' theory regarding population growth.

What I am talking about here is more than simply having fewer children: I'm talking about unhappiness.  Declining birth rates are a sign that families are not forming, and the ones that are are not healthy or happy.  Look at how economic trends have effected US population rates.

Addiction has become the new 'child.'  When we are unhappy, we do not raise children, but we instead medicate our troubles.  And, the powers of centralized authority like it that way.  When you are doped up, you will accept anything that keeps the dope coming.

We are not starving.  There are no shortages.  Yet, we are profoundly unhappy.  We are dying from it, and addiction is just one symptom.

Go back to the NatGeo documentary and watch the Norwegian couple: do they have any reason at all to remain stoned half to death?  No.  But, their government is perfectly willing to keep them that way.  Why?

They are not getting married.  They are not having children.  They are unhappy, but they are not a political risk.  They keep the system 'stable.'

Addiction, in my opinion, is an unintended consequence of the quest for political stability.  Government leaders are willing to do nothing about problems (e.g. porous borders, ending the drug flow, controlling internet porn, etc.) so long as they keep people 'happy' with the system, or at least convinced that their unhappiness is 'terminal.'

If you can envision change, then you will demand it.  This was the motto of the the 2008 Obama Campaign... "Hope and Change."  Funny thing... how little of it we've really seen.  The economy is still a mess, and there are more promises but no accomplishment.  People are still unhappy and getting addicted.

We are not forming families and having children, which are things we naturally crave.  We are pushing these things off further and further, then trying to squeeze them into the very end of the 'window of opportunity' because we are busy trying to attain the 'perfect life' according to the world.  

We have abandoned thousands of years of knowledge about what makes us really happy.  Then, we escape the pain through addiction.

The children we should be enjoying have been replaced by computer screens, bottles, and needles.

Addiction is the Antichrist, the anti-salvation of humanity.  It keeps us from screaming too loud while we shred ourselves to pieces. 

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