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Monday, August 26, 2013

Eating Disorder Blog by an Orthodox Christian

There's a number of eating disorder folks who read this blog, and I wanted to let me know about this blog if they haven't already come across it:

Those of us who 'snack' too much or occasionally overeat know how hard it is at times to control this impulse with a house full of food.  Imagine the struggle for folks with a real problem.  In my opinion, eating disorders are by far the most difficult, simply because the one thing you are obsessed with is the one thing you can't do without.

My hat is off to those strugglers who are in recovery with eating disorders.  You are truly a strong bunch.

Thank God there are groups out there like OA, who use the 12 Steps of AA with their own traditions of moderation.


  1. I have minor eating disorders (and caffeine addiction). I've come to realize that it is based on the fact the man is actually meant for food. In Paradise, man was allowed to eat and experience nature in a powerful and complete way. It's no wonder that in absence of that, man will crave all sorts of things.

    And, indeed, it's that much worse since man needs food and this need varies according to many factors (how much energy he uses, stress, illnesses, no access to food when he actually needs it, etc.). I find almost the same with caffeine, though that's also a bit of a "high seeking" thing for me, same as enjoying taste as far as food, same symptom of losing the experiences of Paradise through God, I believe.

  2. As the author of this blog, I wanted to personally thank you for referring to my blog! I pray that God strengthens us all, including those who may suffer from ED, mental health issues, and any other problem. May God give us peace and strength to continue....