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Friday, August 9, 2013

Codependency Brochure

OK, here's the next installment in the series.  Print 'em and distribute.  

By the way, there are already some offers to translate.  If you'd like to see these in your language (about 25% of the traffic on this site is from Non-English Speaking Countries - Russia, Romania, Germany, France, Sweden, Latvia, Poland, & Netherlands are the highest sources), let me know and we can work on translating and editing (yes, I know these are US-oriented and need changes to make them work in a local context).

So far, it looks like we may get these in Russian and Finnish.  Any others?

Again, if you email me as some already have, I'll email you the pdf.

Monday's brochure will really get under people's skins.

This is the corrected version: thank you, John!

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