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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brochure: We Are Created Good

This brochure is intended to help us all wrestle with the problem of human sin from an Orthodox context.  We have a very hopeful approach to sin.

The problem here in America is Calvinism, which has roots in Augustine's view of 'original sin' that blossomed in the Medieval era with Purgatory and eventually bore the fruit of Calvinism's morbid view of the 'created to be damned.'  That gave us the Puritans and all kinds of modern 'holiness' movements which produce lots and lots of addicts.  Just go to a meeting and find how many people are there who were raised as 'holy rollers' or 'hell-fire' Baptists.

You can see why so many 12 Steppers, when they get sober, have such a difficult time coming to any church at all.  Their selection of sane Christianity is limited and shrinking fast.  It is up to us to make ourselves available to the recovery Community, for their sake as well as ours.

If we fail at this, then we have no business preaching anything at all.

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