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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Disease Called Childhood

This is a horrendous story.  I've held onto it for a while because I'm not sure what to say:

1 in 5 children has been identified as mentally ill in New York?  This sounds outrageous, and that is because it is.

We are losing sight of reality, lost behind the complications of bureaucracy and a crumbling society that demands Photoshopped perfection while giving in to all the most base and ludicrous impulses.  Children are being deprived of their humanity behind a cloud of drugs and 'diagnoses' which makes them all the more comfortable with seeing themselves as dependent and 'less than.'

Are they going to grow up?  Probably not very well.

Meanwhile, we throw lots of resources fixing children who are not sick, which deprives those who excel with resources to perfect their excellence.  Yes, kids here in my town get all kinds of resources if they are diagnosed with a disorder, but the gifted and highly-gifted programs are booked up and have long waits to get into.

Madness. Utter madness.

The real truth is that too many people, both businessmen and educational bureaucrats, make lots of money 'parenting' these kids with pharmaceuticals and unnecessary programs.  Meanwhile, our problems get worse as a result, but their solutions are always more of the same.

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