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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Natural Sexuality vs. WEIRD Sexuality

As you can imagine, this site gets a big uptick in traffic once the topic of sexual addictions comes up.  It is a growing problem, with lots of facts and experience but little real accounting for why it is a problem.

Then, there are the endless arguments about 'nature versus nurture' when it comes to sexual attractions.  So, when an article comes up that challenges most of the prevalent theories, it gets my attention.

Here's a quote from the article:

The absence of masturbation among Aka and Ngandu men and women may be more surprising, and perhaps also harder to explain. Recall that the Hewletts did not find that masturbation is "frowned upon or punished," but rather that there is just no general conception of it. This finding recalls a much-discussed 2010 Behavioral and Brain Sciences paper called "The WEIRDest people in the world?" in which the authors argued that far too many sweeping claims about "human nature" are drawn exclusively from samples of Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic (WEIRD) societies.

Yes, most of our conclusions about 'human nature' are derived not only from a very narrow sampling of humanity, but also sciences that are devoted to their own political motives.  Yes, universities are political entities who have to appease politicians in order to get their research grants and political wonks to get their praises which attract better students (thus colleges are the ultimate WEIRDo factories).  You go against the flow, and you will be punished.

Just look at the global warming debate.  If you agree or disagree, the one thing that is certain these days: the other guy will resort to all kinds of insults if you don't toe the line that he has drawn.

Same thing with sexuality: if you start questioning whether the present phenomenon of homosexuality is natural or normal, you are going to see people get pretty aggressive in their 'counter-attacks.'  To question the 'party line' is considered the highest form of 'heresy' even among those who call themselves 'open' and 'tolerant.'

The Aga and Ngandu peoples are not weird, they are just being themselves and are very happy.  We are the Weirdos (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic) who are miserable.  They are not creating new ways to be dissatisfied, but are content with what they have.  No Prozac, no political parties, no commercials, no psychologists.  Suicide?  Are you kidding?  Hey, let's check their ADHD rates!  Oh, yeah, they don't know what that is, but they don't have it either.

What's wrong with us?

Look at them and see why they are happy.  When the anthropologists picked up on it right away: their view of sex is part of their survival.  Sex has meaning.

In our world, sex is both a recreation and a liability.  We don't need sex because we don't need children.  Well, we need someone else's children but not our own.  Marriage is now mostly about sex rather than survival... it's primary purpose is to prevent further dating and cheating rather than providing a necessary component of life.  

Sex is not just supposed to be about arousal, yet this is what we Weirdos have made it, and that';s why it isn't working for us.

We have now pushed homosexuality out beyond where it has been in any other culture: even societies that condone homosexual practices (Greeks, Roman, Saudi Arabs, Turks, Afghans, etc.) never let it interfere with marriage.  But, we don't need marriage anymore, and so we have destroyed the basic fabric of sexuality: sexuality and marriage are part of the same human desire to be desired and desire, to be accepted and to accept.

Weirdos have also crushed the notion of distinction between genders, and so now we are left with no purpose to our sexuality.  In these tribal lands, males and females need each other as males and females in order to 'find the baby' as they put it.  But, since we have made conception practically a disease, no one needs us in the sexual sense for reproduction.  You can go to a doctor to get pregnant, just as you can go to the doctors to get rid of a baby.  Aga and Ngandu peoples would be horrified at the idea of abortion, yet we are very comfortable with killing the baby they really want.

Homosexuality isn't about attraction, but about rejection.  It is the perception of being rejected by the world, and the rejection of one's own natural role. The Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic society has taught us that our importance as male and female is non-existence, all in the name of some weird version of equality, but all it has done is made us feel equally unimportant and unnecessary.

We don't need to accept our gender role.  Gender is now a biological 'accident' rather an important social role and valuable in and of itself.  Some people may have greater difficulty accepting their gender, but rather than encouraging them as a society that values and needs them to fulfill their roles as male and females, we are busy talking people into remaining maladjusted.

Does this mean that all homosexuals can be 'cured'?  In this society, I'd say no because we are so far off the path of nature.  However, I would say that there would be far fewer than the 3% or so that presently identify as homosexual in the WEIRD-world if our society was more 'natural'.  I also think that those who were really tempted in this area would be much happier, because they could still fulfill the social obligation and thus receive some sense of value.

Right now, a homosexual and a heterosexual both have equal 'valuelessness.'  Both are unnecessary to the survival of culture as presently defined.   Humans are just big bags of  'needs' and 'liabilities' rather than contributors.  Sexuality is now just about getting a need 'met' rather than something more profound the way it is with the Aga and Ngandu tribes.

My only fear is that there is a lot more suffering ahead before we discover, as a society, that we are headed for utter implosion under the banner of this fad of sexual nihilism.

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