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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gambling Video

While looking for videos on Bath Salts, I stumbled across this curious Australian video having to do with the temptation of gambling and the addiction to it:

Yes, the speaker is a bit odd, but I'd say I've got him beat in that department.  I think it is part of a longer series which I have not seen.

My sense is that much of what he's talking about there are things I've posted on here, including the problem of expectations and the escapism that addiction offers a suffering psyche.  

What he does not state outright is the problem of Pride.  The gambler who thinks he can 'beat the system' is operating off of a Pride narrative that is not only the root of his addiction but patently false.  I would disagree with the speaker and say that there is a system, and it works very well.  Just look at a casino.  They didn't get all the fancy furnishing for free.  The system is designed for you to lose more than win, and that's why they are in business and most people go home broke.

Pride says that the rules don't apply to you and me.  There's your problem.

How do you fix it?  By killing the fears underneath that make Pride a 'necessary evil.'  Until we get to the fears and turn them over to God, we are going to continue to experience anxiety in the face of our necessary suffering and pain, and run the other way down into numbness. 

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