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Monday, April 22, 2013

Videos: Bath Salts Problem in USA

The synthetic drug epidemic is moving through both rural American and Russia, though in very different forms.  Whereas Russia is struggling with Heroin and Krokodil, America is fighting a battle with methamphetamine and Bath Salts.  It is getting worse and worse:

The destruction of families and alienation from spirituality is leaving America open to these horrible drugs, yet we keep talking about arresting people and passing more laws when we are doing nothing about the root causes.  We need to start having an honest conversation: the 'social progress' since World War 2 has been in the wrong direction.

In my next post, we'll go over the statistics.  Our culture is coming apart as we delve into the insatiable world of self-indulgence.

This is what it is all about, folks.  When we tell people that they have no control over their attractions and appetites, and should give into them, then we set ourselves up for failure.  From a young age, we beat into our children's heads that 'freedom' is doing what you desire in the moment.  So, we have raised several generations of low-impulse-control people.

We tend to classify these impulses in two ways: those that cause physical harm, and those that cause emotional harm.

More often than not, the low-impulse-control man with a violent streak gets jail.  We are good at punishing these crimes.

But, what about the overly-emotional person, who can't control their constant outrage, indignation, and offence?  They are constantly complaining about those around them and demanding the compliance of others?  Here in the US, we've created a generation of people who have whole lists of forbidden words or things that 'offend' them so much that we have established huge bureaucracies just to deal with all the tears of the emotionally sensitive, who make life miserable for everyone else.

These people stress out everyone around them, and contribute to the problem of addiction as a cultural phenomenon as everyone wanders through life perpetually needy.  Yes, many people need to either punch us or verbally abuse us, and all of it hurts.  Those of us that struggle to maintain self-control are constantly being baited and tempted.

Sometimes we fall.  Either we lash out, or we 'numb out.'

Our society's high stress levels are pushing people into addiction.  In some ways, I think it is less about luring people into addiction as much as shoving them in.

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