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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The World Order - Part 2

So, looking at the list, let's examine the first relationship: the God of the Cosmos.  Religion essentially 'defines' God for us in this role as Creator and Lord.

How we view God in this level defines much of how we will react to the rest of the world.  Do we see God as operating down through the various other levels of our life, or skimming above the clouds, aloof to our needs?

The addict often has problems with God at this level, because he thinks that God does not participate in the struggles of this life.  God does not 'come down' from the clouds, and so we are left with our own fears and must fend for ourselves.

When we look up through all the various intervening layers of relationships, it can often obscure our view of God because it seems that there are more active and pressing associations.  Yet, God does have the ability to effect all of these layers, as we will see in the next layer of relation.

This is our relationship with the Environment, or the Natural World.

People are indeed effected by the natural order, from weather to disease.  We have little control over it, and it follows us everywhere.

Only God can effect this level of the created order.  A nuclear bomb is powerful, but not nearly as powerful as a large volcanic eruption or an 8.0 earthquake.  We also cannot stop either of them.  Droughts and hurricanes are also just as unstoppable, so much so that we even call them 'Acts of God.'

These natural events are unavoidable for all mankind, and so they fall in right behind God both in terms of size and magnitude.  Yet, they can also be intensely person, especially when we talk about disease or physical handicaps.  Again, most illness these days is thought to be 'preventable,' yet we still keep getting sick.

The honest truth is that we only have a degree of control over our bodies, and we certainly cannot stop death.

Acceptance of powerlessness over our bodies and our world is a big step for an addict, who must often fight everyone and everything for the false consolation of power.

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