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Friday, April 12, 2013

The World Order - Final Post (Order of Worries)

The reason I described the hierarchy of man's relationships is that the modern world has successfully alienated man from all his relationships.  We have significant worries and concerns about each of these levels, so much so that our modern world is one of constant fear and terror, which leaves us susceptible to addiction.

Here's the list of relationships, followed by the modern messages of 'woes' that we are bombarded with on a regular basis:

Cosmic God - dialectal materialism, secularism, popular atheism, physical sciences explain everything, etc.

Natural Environment - global warming, pollution, natural disasters, oil shortages, etc.

Economy - world instability, world war, debt, currency devaluation, immigration, population declines, overpopulation, HIV/AIDS, starvation, poverty, etc.

Government - oppression, theocracies, cuts in services, corruption, incompetence, injustice, discrimination, favoritism, etc.

Employment - unemployment, regulation, bureaucratic red-tape, shrinking opportunities, unequal access to the market, employer demands, expectations of success, expectations of failure, etc.

Church - corruption, secret sins, theological revisionist, intolerance, over-tolerance, over-demanding, not challenging enough, not providing enough services, takes too much time, spiritual not religious, etc.

Family (extended version) - no time for socializing, relatives far away, competition with internet relationships, frequent divorces effecting relations, relatives always asking for stuff, shallowness of friendships, no manners, selfishness of others, etc.

Marriage - 'my needs,' no sex, all about sex, easy divorce, wait, don't wait, roles, no roles, parenting optional, keeping up appearances, not necessary, I'm not necessary, attractiveness, etc.

Parenting - public school messages, peer pressure, materialism, no time, helicopter parents, overly-permissive, overly-restrictive, no time, technological temptations, too much sex, drugs, music, inappropriate clothing, self-esteem, no perspective, ADD, allergies, medications, etc.

God Within - don't confess, fix your own problems, other people are responsible for my happiness, 'my truth' doesn't have to match with the world, my needs first, I deserve perfection, where is God when I don't get what I want,  virtues are for other people, I'm defective, physical health, appearance, etc.

OK, I'm sure you have lots more to add... there are just a few I added in the matter of a few minutes.  But, you see that every level of our lives are filled with worries and concerns, most of which we have little power over (other than our own acceptance of them) yet we are constantly told are important.

We are told to be concerned... and vote... or perhaps buy!  Yes, dissatisfaction is the foundation of modern messages.  This is why we are stressed out: there is no real good news.

If you vote, you will have to vote again.  If you buy, you will have to buy again.  There is nothing permanent, and nothing eternal except our insecurities.

Now you have many of the problems that addicts struggle with.  We are afraid of everything, and the world keeps telling us, "Be afraid, be very afraid!"

Only when God returns to this hierarchy can man regain enough faith to edure the uncertainties of life without breaking down.

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