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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Food Addict Asks For Fellowship

As of yet, this website really doesn't have any 'lists' or a membership database of Orthodox Christians struggling with addiction.  Some have asked, but right now it does not seem like something that people are really beating the doors down for.

However, I do occasionally get a request.  Here's one:

If you can please put out an appeal on my behalf (without mentioning my name or e-mail address) to any Orthodox believer who is in Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (or who would like more information about this 12 step program), please refer them to me. I can then get in touch with them. I would really appreciate that.

This person is looking for fellowship with fellow food addicts.  If you would like to be of service, please contact me and I will put you in contact.

Addiction is a lonely road in the beginning, but so is spirituality.  There's a lot of hard work and struggle with little in the way of past success to generate enthusiasm.  It is important to reach out, and be reachable, to defeat the despair of isolation and loneliness.

If you are able, please consider this request.  My email address is on the right hand side menu in a brown box.  Yes, you will have to type it in: it is not a button, because I'm trying to cut back on the spam.

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